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Terms of Use

The terms of use are written in the masculine form, but are intended for male and female users of the site.


  1. Welcome to "Green Corner" under shared ownership osek murshe 315579904. The site is an online shopping site for produce and other consumer products.
  2. If you have a question, comment or problem related to the site we will be happy to help you via email or via the website.
  3. You are kindly requested to review the terms of the site thoroughly. By subscribing to the site and carrying out any actions within the site you confirm that you have read our terms, and that you agree to and approve of all its instructions. The aforementioned constitutes a binding agreement between visitors and users of the site and its owners. The process of ordering and purchasing on the site will be subject to the conditions set out herein.
  4. The site owners reserve the right to update and change the terms from time to time according to their own consideration, without any prior notice to the client using the site (hereinafter: "the client" and/or "the user"). The client will have no claims and/or complaints against the site and its owners for said updates or changes, therefore you are kindly requested to periodically read the terms when placing an order through the site.
  5. The site owners may change or discontinue operation at any time without prior notice.
  6. The site is intended for use in Israel only, from age 18 and above.
  7. The site owners reserve the right to prevent a specific client from ordering items on the site for any reason, without any explanation and with their personal judgment.

We guarantee not to pass on credit card info to third parties only with approval of the court.

Privacy Protection

  1. Use of the site is granted with the delivery of true identifying details (name, address, phone number, and email address of the client). There is no obligation to provide any details beyond the basic information requested in the registration form as well as payment info.
  2. At registration to the site the client is requested to fill out a registration form, according to the instructions. The information provided by the client and additional information gathered about him will be kept in the database of the site. The client allows any use of it in accordance with the law.
  3. The client declares that by registering to the site he agrees to be listed on the mailing list of the owners of the site or anyone on their behalf.
  4. By registering to the site, the client agrees to to be listed on the client list of the site, and he allows the site to use the info provided at registration and/or gathered about him during his use of the site, in order to contact him and update him about sales on the site or about additional services.

Leaving a comment or review

  1. The site allows the user to submit his opinion about items on the site. The user is aware that the managers of the site will not necessarily review the comments, and not edit them. They will appear on the site as submitted, without being checked for reliability, accuracy, and verity. The site owners bear no responsibility whatsoever on any deviation, mistake, inaccuracy or any direct or indirect harm caused by the comment.
  2. The user agrees that the comment left by him will not violate any law, will not include any information that violates the proprietary rights of others, or any reference that may harm others, or any information that is illegal or defamatory or violates privacy, or any material that may mislead a consumer.
  3. The user agrees to compensate or reimburse the site owners for any expense or damage caused to them due to a violation of these regulations or violation of the rights of any third party caused by his comment.
  4. The user is aware that the managers of the site may edit, amend or delete the opinions written by him, in whole or in part, and any other material or information from the site, at the personal and absolute judgment of the owners without prior notice to the client.

Ordering and Other Services

  1. The website sells fruit, vegetables and other consumer goods, all as shown on the product lists on the site.
  2. The site offers produce that originate in various types of agriculture, each farmer with his supervision.
  3. The site owners do their best to mark the produce on the site according to their origin, but the client agrees and confirms that may the produce actually supplied to him come from another party, for any reason, he exempts the site owners from any claim about the source of the product.
  4. The site may at any time change the supply and/or the variety of products displayed on the product list on the site as the owner sees fit, it may replace or add items to the product list or remove items from the list from time to time, all at his own consideration.
  5. The images of the products appearing on the site are for illustration only and do not necessarily bind the site in any way.
  6. The products sold on the site which by their very nature have to be selected, such as fruits and vegetables, will be chosen by the Green Corner team and their representatives according to their own judgment of quality and/or freshness of the products and the client will have no claim or complaint about the products actually supplied to him.
  7. There may also appear products on the site that are not necessarily in stock. In this case, and when out of stock products are ordered, the client exempts the site from any obligation to supply the product. Obviously the client will not be charged for the unsupplied product.
  8. The site is intended for consumers and wholesalers, however, the site reserves the right to prevent the sale of any product to the client beyond a certain quantity, and to set different prices for wholesale quantities.
  9. The price of products sold on the site may change according to the decision of the owners of the site and without the need for prior notice.
  10. The client is aware that the charge for products that need to be weighed will be in accordance with their actual weighing by Green Corner employees. It should be clarified that the estimate of the value of the order given to the client is only an estimate, and that naturally, the products sold and supplied by weight may have a reasonable deviation between the ordered weight and the actual weight that will be delivered, and therefore the calculation will be made according to the weight of the product actually supplied and the client will have no claim or complaint about this.


26. Payment for the order will be made using a credit card issued by a recognized credit card company operating in Israel that approves the payment. The details of the credit card were provided by the client at the time of registration to the site.

27. The client is aware that the amount of the actual payment may differ from the amount appearing in the order he made, because the actual payment includes the prices of the products after being weighed by Green Corner employees and does not include products that are missing or not supplied as mentioned before.

28. Payment for the ordered products will be according to their price at the time the order is made. In case there is a significant change in the price of an item, the site reserves the right to call the client and notify him of the price change. The client will be able to confirm the order with the updated price or cancel the item in the order.

29. The amount paid for the order will include shipping charges as listed on the website. Green Corner reserves the right to update these amounts from time to time at its own consideration.

Shipping and Delivery

30. Green Corner will deliver the products to the address of the client as listed on the order form.

31. The shipment will be delivered to the client according to the shipping areas and delivery timeframes listed on the site only.

32. Green Corner will make every effort to supply all the products included in the order, but unfortunately all products will not always be available. Therefore Green Corner does not guarantee delivery of all the products in the order, whether or not they are marked in stock, and the client will have no claim or complaint against the site and its owners for not delivering an ordered product. Obviously the client will not be charged for a non-delivered product.

33. The client agrees and confirms that if he or anyone on his behalf at his address is not at home at the time of delivery of the order, he allows Green Corner to leave the order in front of the door of his home or anywhere else acceptable to the client.

34. The client agrees and acknowledges that if the order is left close to his address or in a different acceptable spot, liability for the products is on him. In the event of theft, spoilage or any other problem in connection therewith, the client will not be able to issue a complaint against the site and its owners.

Return Policy

35. It is the responsibility of the client to check the contents of the shipment upon receipt and compare it to the shipping receipt or invoice that will be attached to the shipment upon delivery.

36. Return of items other than perishable food products (such as fruits and vegetables) or other perishables will be allowed up to 14 days from the date of delivery with invoice only.

37. If the client receives a defective item, or the delivery does not match the order, the client must notify customer service within 24 hours of the time of delivery. Failure to notify customer service within that timeframe constitutes a waiver by the client of any claim and/or complaint about the error and/or his dissatisfaction with the shipment.

38. Customer service will organize the necessary refund to the client to the extent required by the circumstances and the law.

39. Please note that the shipping fees for any reshipment and/or replacement and/or return of a product as mentioned before will be on the client.

Cancelling and changing an order

40. An order can be changed or cancelled by the client until the closing date of the orders, which is the day of harvest -
An order for Wednesday until Tuesday 8 am
And an order for Thursday until Wednesday 8 am

41. The site will be permitted to cancel an order provided that it notifies the client prior to the date of delivery. In the event of cancellation, the client will not be charged for the order. The site will be permitted to change an order and not to supply a product that is not in stock and/or the client has not confirmed its delivery at an updated price, without prior notice to the client. If a product is missing in the shipment as mentioned, the charge for the order will be modified accordingly.

42. After harvest, prior to distribution, it will not be possible to change and/or cancel the order and the client will be charged for the entire order.

43. Return of items and cancellation of the order shall be in accordance with and subject to the provisions of the Law, including the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981, the provisions of the Sales Law, 1968, and the provisions of the Cards Charges Law, 1986, and/or subject to the customer service policy of the site, as determined from time to time.

Privacy and Security

44. The Green Corner website is supported by cybersecurity companies to enable you to enjoy a completely secure purchase. The site uses advanced security mechanisms to secure the information.

45. The user confirms that he knows that the site uses the standard universal cybersecurity measures, in order to protect the information on the site. Despite the above, the user is aware that use of the internet is exposed to risks in systems based on social networks, and that despite the efforts invested by the site, absolute security against infiltration to the site is impossible. In no event shall the site and/or its owners be liable for any damage caused to the user as a result of such a breach and will not be liable for the transfer of information about the user to any third party and/or the publication of the information and/or any other use of information that is against the law.

46. The user declares not to perform or attempt to perform any disruptions in the operation of the site, including any attempts to infiltrate, scan and/or expose information etc.

Intellectual Property

47. The intellectual property on the site, including ownership of the information, copyright, trademarks, trade names, graphic design, etc., belongs exclusively to the owners of the site.

48. The user of the site declares that he has no proprietary rights to the content he submitted to the site (in the form of comments, reviews etc.) and the site and its owners reserve the right to use the content in any way they choose.

49. Application of these regulations and anything related to it are subject exclusively to Israeli law.

50. Any notice sent by the site to the address or email given by the client at the time of registration to the site shall be deemed to have reached its destination on the day that it has been sent.

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