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Green Corner invites you to a culinary experience from shopping on our website until a quality and unique delivery
of vegetables reaches your home.


iconRegistration and Login


We suggest you should register and purchase after you log in.

All your personal information is securely stored and your purchase after your first order is simple and convenient.

After you register, a personal area is created for you, in which you will be able to see

the information stored on our system and your previous orders.


iconFavorites List


We also created for you a list of favorite items that will help you create a regular shopping list.

If there are items that regularly appear on your list,

you can insert them in your favorites list by clicking on the small-heart icon above each product.

Your favorites list will appear in your personal area,

so that each time you log in you will be able to add with one fast click all the items you consume

regularly and determine the quantities you need each time.


iconQuick Order


We know that sometimes you are in a hurry and don’t have all day to spend on the site.

Should that happen, just click on Quick Order, where you will find one long list

(alphabetically arranged) for fast shopping.

You can also filter the quick list according to categories to find everything easily and return

to the quick list at any given time, from which you can navigate to other categories.


iconShopping Cart - Complete Your Purchase


After you have selected your items, just click on the cash register button or the shopping cart icon to complete your purchase.

Fill in your personal information and full address.

It is important that the information you have entered is complete so that we can contact you easily and avoid unnecessary delays.

If you wish to receive the delivery to an address other than the one you provided, check the "Change of address"

box and fill in the details in the window that opens.

Should is not be your first purchase on the site and you have yet not logged into the site, 

click on the appropriate link at the beginning of the page, log in, and directly proceed to the next step.


At that point your shopping cart is displayed as well as the estimated the delivery cost.

We will only know the final cost after the items are weighed, so there could be a change in the final billing.

Of course at that point you can edit your shopping cart, remove items or if something is missing return

to the site and add to the shopping cart items that you remembered at the last minute to add,

easily and conveniently. On this page you can also add a coupon, if you have any.

Simply enter the coupon code and click on the button next to it. 

The system will process the coupon and recalculate the price.


Click on Continue and go to the next screen where you specify the delivery date and the times of delivery.

After you made your selection, you can add a general comment related to your order.

We will of course do our best to assist you with any issue.

If this is not your first purchase, you can confirm payment on the credit card you used last time or choose to pay with another card.


Confirm the policy agreement and proceed to the Enter Your Credit Card Information screen

(if it is not your first purchase, you can confirm payment on the credit card you used last time or choose to pay with another card).


You can purchase on the site by credit card only. Regrettably, PayPal only stores credit-card information

and performs clearance only after the items are weighed. The credit-card information is securely stored,

and you pay next time with the same card that you saved or replace it with another.


iconOrder Confirmation


Once your credit card transaction has been approved, you will receive your order confirmation to your inbox.

You will find the order details in the message. The order confirmation does not indicate a charge and a completed transaction.


iconPlacing the Order and Delivery


Ahead of supply, we will finalize the delivery and make the charge after the items are weighed.

Your invoice will be sent to your inbox after you received your items

We will do everything we can to make sure you receive your delivery on the date and times you specified.


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