Deliveries  On  Thursday in Beit Shemesh only

The full variety of leafy vegetables effortlessly right to your plate!
Fresh, delicious, healthy, and free of bugs with Kosher Mehadrin certification

Do you go to the supermarket and not always find the fresh leaves you're looking for?

The lettuce is too small and too soft? Can’t find the chard leaves you like at the local supermarket?

From now on, you have one less thing to be worried about - we have the full variety of leafy vegetables to reach your home directly from the farmer, at the highest quality and at special low prices.
iconWho we are?

Green Corner has 15 years of experience and expertise in marketing vegetable leaves to restaurants,

companies, institutions, hotels, and so forth. And now, even your end customers can enjoy.

From now on, every home will be able to enjoy all the types of leafy vegetable they love, without having to hear things like:

"We're out of stock", or "Tomorrow we’ll stock up" and without having to compromise on the quality of the vegetables.


iconWhat is our advantage?

Green Corner works with 15 premium vegetable leaf retailers, so our inventory is always stocked up with all the vegetables

we have on offer. As already known, this sector is marked by constant shortages.

There are times when the shortages are noticeable and times when they are less,

due to changing weather or due to Kosher issues. Therefore, the multitude of retailers who work with us is a major advantage

over any rival supermarket, large or small.

So the quality of the products we supply is also at the same level of catering companies and chef restaurants, that is,

larger, greener, fresher and healthier. We do our best so you can get the best-possible products.

iconOur dedicated team:

Our company boasts of a team of workers who likes to spoil our clients.  We enjoy seeing the surprised looks of our customers

every single time. Thanks to the fact that we receive a huge stock of vegetables for companies and restaurants,

we can carefully select the products and pack for our customers only the finest products, at the highest level of quality and freshness.

Our packaging and delivery teams are always strict about selecting, packaging, and delivering at a top standard.

iconOur vision:

Our vision is to reach every corner of the country. Currently, the service operates experimentally   

Bet Shemesh  only. Our vision - If you are a local resident or work in this region,

we will gladly want you to join our vision so that you too can enjoy healthier and tastier vegetables leaves.

iconKosher certification


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